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New lightweight aluminum brake discs with selectively placed ceramic enhancement.

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Alumatrix Brakes

Lightweight metal matrix composite brake discs that provide a highly uniform, aluminum silicon carbide composite located only on the friction surface.



Metal Matrix Innovation’s selective enhancement technology provides  numerous advantages over traditional cast iron brake discs, including:

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Our composite brake discs are up to 60% lighter than typical cast iron brakes. This weight reduction provides significant improvements in fuel and energy efficiency, ride quality, handling and acceleration. Alumatrix brakes can save approximately 14 kg (30 lbs) of unsprung and rotational weight on a midsized sedan.

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Durability & Longevity

A selectively placed aluminum silicon carbide metal matrix composite at the braking surface significantly increases wear resistance.

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Corrosion Resistance

The Alumatrix brake disc will maintain a clean, rust-free appearance and provide consistent braking performance, even after long periods of inactivity.


Brake Rotor Testing

Our rotors are rigorously tested to SAE standards to ensure stable friction and durability.

  • SAE J2928 - Brake Rotor Thermal Cracking Procedure for Vehicles Below 4540 kg GVWR
  • SAE J2522 - Dynamometer Global Brake Effectiveness (AK Master)
  • SAE J2784 – FMVSS 135 Inertia Dynamometer Test Procedure

Alumatrix Brakes Offer:

Up to 60% Weight Savings

Weight savings similar to carbon ceramic, at a fraction of the price

Reduced Lifetime Cost

  • Minimal corrosion
  • Minimal disc wear
  • Increased pad life

Reduced Brake Emissions

Half the brake emissions compared to conventional cast iron

Equivalent Coefficient of Friction

Friction coefficient of 0.30-0.40

Improved Service Life

Increased durability and longevity compared to conventional cast iron

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