Metal Matrix Innovations (MMI) designs, engineers, and manufactures light-weight metal matrix composites for the automotive industry. We are housed at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center, alongside various sister subsidiaries of the Dan T. Moore Company (DTMCo.) portfolio. DTMCo. currently owns several companies that provide thermo-acoustic management solutions to the automotive industry, and has owned ceramic manufacturing companies in the past. Within this innovative manufacturing cross section lies the creation of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) Brakes, and MMI as a company.

The concept of MMC automotive components has been explored in the past, more specifically within the realm of military vehicles. During Operation Desert Storm, Stryker military vehicles experienced accelerated wear of their cast iron brake drums due to extreme environmental conditions. Many military vehicles traveling overseas drive off the beaten path to avoid IED’s. The sandy terrain in the Middle East ended up causing a sand storm underneath the vehicle as it traversed towards its destination. This sand would get inside the brake drums used to stop the vehicle and when the brakes were applied, would be imbedded in the cast iron braking surface causing immense wear. These drums would have to be changed every 3 months. Developing a lightweight wear resistant drum became top priority.

Understanding the extensive history of metal matrix composites’ role in braking, we began working to develop a preform based metal matrix composite brake drum stemming from the Stryker military vehicles design, but was intended for the commercial truck market. These brake drums were made out of aluminum and had a selectively placed silicon carbide reinforcement located only on the wear surface (ID) of the drum. Not only were these drums light, they provided extreme wear resistance and provided the ability to rapidly conduct heat away from the braking surface.

Metal Matrix took this a step further with the idea of incorporating this same technology into a brake disc that could be used in the automotive marketplace for everyday passenger vehicles. When the establishment of the Café 2025 standards began revolutionizing modern day car manufacturing by emphasizing the importance of weight savings and reduction of fuel consumption, the development of the Alumatrix Brake was put into high gear. We have been working diligently since then on optimizing the ceramic formulation and providing an Al-MMC that will change the automotive market. We believe we have something worth your attention.


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